Data Optimizer

Harness the power of proprietary technology and data experts.

Collecting data is just the start, augmenting and analyzing it to identify the infringer is the hard part. So we’ve put Data Optimizer at the heart of Revulytics Compliance Intelligence to do just that.

Accelerate identification of infringers

Speed your compliance program with our proprietary, federated database that pulls from hundreds of millions of installations. Data Optimizer quickly matches and delivers the details on any infringing organization so you can initiate outreach right away.

Qualify compliance leads with confidence

Data Optimizer augments your product infringement data with our proprietary database of millions of organizations. APIs automatically match unauthorized use to the actual infringers. Our high-match rates yield highly qualified, accurate leads, and give you the confidence to pursue non-compliant organizations and over-users.

Prioritize your best revenue opportunities

Powerful dashboards simplify aggregation, segmentation, and visualization of this compliance data. Rich compliance analytics uncover the history of use, the size of potential damages, and ensure accurate addresses through geolocation technology - letting you prioritize and pursue the organizations with the greatest potential to convert.


Partner with dedicated data experts

Revulytics’ team of data analysts are trusted by our customers to get the most out of their Compliance Intelligence program. From piracy identification to the surfacing of the most lucrative opportunities, they work alongside your internal team or outsourced compliance partner to ensure your success. 

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