Data Enrichment

Better, faster, more effective revenue recovery begins with better data.

Revenue recovery begins with discovery. For software vendors that are collecting data but need to enrich it to drive a more effective license compliance program or to introduce a new recovery program, Revulytics Data Enrichment provides the solution.

Bring your own data

Accelerate your existing compliance program by improving the data you’re already collecting such as activation, licensing entitlement, and other telemetry data. Data Enrichment goes well beyond automated IP address matching, without any additional work by your engineering resources, no SDK integration is required. Its your data, only better.

Better identify and validate infringing use

Data Enrichment leverages Data Optimizer, our proprietary database of millions of infringing organizations and our process to automatically match unauthorized use to the actual infringers, and managed by an experienced team of data investigators. High-match rates yield highly qualified, accurate leads, and give software vendors the confidence to pursue non-compliant organizations and over-users.

Centralized platform for visibility and control

From out-of-the-box solutions to fully custom reporting Data Enrichment compliance dashboards scale to support any data volume or reporting needs. Dashboards provide all stakeholders visibility into infringement data and the ability to take action. Its secure, multi-tenant infrastructure and robust access controls paired with seamless CRM integrations make Data Enrichment a powerful yet turn-key solution for compliance teams to take action.

Partner with dedicated compliance experts

Revulytics is trusted by our customers to get the most out of their compliance program. From piracy identification to surfacing the most lucrative opportunities, we work alongside your internal team or outsourced compliance partner to ensure your success. 

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Test Drive Data Enrichment

Bring your own telemetry data and we will demonstrate how we can improve your match rates.

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