Revulytics Compliance Intelligence

Proven compliance analytics to detect, identify, and convert unpaid software use

Globally, 40% of users are not paying for software. Revulytics Compliance Intelligence helps software providers systematically monetize the unpaid use of their applications. Since 2010, our customers’ compliance programs have added more than $2.8 billion in new license revenue.

Identify unpaid use with confidence

Revulytics Compliance Intelligence detects, identifies, and reports on organizations using your software without paying for it. Whether they’re pirates or existing customers overusing licenses, you get insight into who’s using it, how long they’ve used it, and how widely they’ve deployed it. Compliance Intelligence has helped customers uncover tens of millions of infringers around the world.

Uncover and validate infringer identities

Compliance Intelligence does more than collect data. With our proprietary Data Optimizer, infringement data from your products is quickly transformed into fully resolved organizational identities to accelerate the qualification and conversion of sales and compliance opportunities. You can also add your own data sources such as software activation, registration, or CRM data to meet your specific business strategies.


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Enhance data with wi-fi geolocation

Software enabled with Compliance Intelligence can capture specific geolocation data through Wi-Fi access points. This Wi-Fi geolocation data is aggregated and displayed within embedded maps at the machine, domain and account levels, giving you greater investigative insight into data and allowing you to pinpoint infringing organizations’ activity so you can create more compliance opportunities.

Make data you’re already collecting more actionable

Data Enrichment improves the quality of customer-provided data resulting in better identification and validation of infringing organizations to fuel license compliance programs.

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Manage your data with compliance intelligence

Granular policy management supports the collection and storage of your data to address data protection regulations. Flexible controls provide role-based access to authorized internal and external users. The solution leverages enterprise-class technology including and Tableau, and integrates with your CRM, licensing, and BI processes to drive operational efficiency.

Act on evidence

Converting unpaid users is an untapped revenue stream. Revulytics offers a wide range of conversion strategies that support your compliance goals. You can act on compliance leads directly using dynamic dashboards and reporting, enlist Revulytics Revenue Services to convert unlicensed use on your behalf, or implement automated conversion using Piracy Response.

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Activate Your Data-Driven Compliance Program

Add new license revenue by detecting, identifying and converting unpaid users into paying customers.

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