Usage Intelligence Helps CNC Software Dramatically Accelerate Mastercam UI Redesign

CNC Software, Inc., provides state-of-the-art Mastercam CAD/CAM software tools and related services for manufacturers who must solve design and machining problems at all levels of complexity, in any industry.


CNC Software knew it needed detailed product usage data to accelerate development, improve focus on the customer, and innovate more effectively. For several years, it had attempted to capture usage data through a homebuilt software usage analytics package, but found that it took far too much time and effort to visualize, analyze, and report on the terabytes of data it was generating.


CNC Software quickly discovered that Usage Intelligence was exceptionally flexible. For example, it allows event tracking for any individual feature; other products dictated what could be tracked, and their inflexibility would have significantly increased cost.

“Mastercam is a very big product,” Bukowski notes. “It has about 1,200 functions, each ranging from a handful of controls to one with 24 dialogs and almost 500 user controls. With Usage Intelligence, we can easily instrument any panel on an as-needed basis and track exactly what we want.”


A comprehensive and exceptionally successful product redesign fully executed in 18 months — half the time it would have taken without software usage analytics - with significantly reduced cost compared to in-house solution. “Our user survey feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. As a product gets more complex, it can become less intuitive, and harder to learn...because we’ve designed the software logically, our users needn’t remember as much, it just makes sense to people. They can find what they’re looking for.”

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