Extensis Uses Revulytics Usage Data to Embed a Quantifiable
“Voice of the Customer” Throughout Development

Revulytics software usage analytics helps Extensis build better solutions for creative users —
from individual professionals to the enterprise

“We are absolutely hooked on Revulytics data. Revulytics is one of the first dashboards I fire up every morning. It helps us all know exactly what’s going on, so we’re aware of problems sooner — and opportunities, too.”

- Toby Martin, Vice President of Development & Strategy, Extensis




Extensis software helps customers increase ROI from digital assets,
fonts, and images by making them easier to locate, share, and protect. Extensis solutions accelerate workflows to help customers achieve creative and business goals more rapidly.

The team at Extensis had no data to support their intuitive sense of how customers were using their applications. They wanted to bring more of the “voice of the customer” into their agile development process.


Extensis systematically compared three technology options for quantifying user behavior through software usage analytics. “We quickly narrowed the list to one: Revulytics. It offered strong technology, the best availability of data, the most helpful best practice guides and samples, and a superior pre-purchase and postpurchase experience," said Extensis Vice President of Development & Strategy Toby Martin. Revulytics Usage Intelligence now captures comprehensive usage data about features, customers’ file types and manipulations, browser and system configurations, and other aspects of user behavior.


Extensis has extended the functionality of existing products and shaped entirely new offerings based on Revulytics usage data. Revulytics data has augmented and in some places replaced costly customer surveys, home-grown data sources, and unnecessary reporting tools, and Extensis is saving $10,000-$20,000 per release in QA costs alone, with future anticipated savings in feature development.


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