A Customer-Centric Approach to Piracy That Works Based on Rock Solid Data

Our customer builds state-of-the-art software to simulate large scale engineering problems and create more successful designs. It has more than $800 million in annual revenue and an installed base of more than 40,000 companies.


  • Software piracy represented a significant threat to revenue
  • Cracked implementations of its high-value flagship products were widely available
  • Sales reps and channel partners pointed to specific accounts and prospects where business was being lost to piracy
  • Developers had already spent four years working with hardening technologies - the results weren’t promising


Our customer decided to focus on detecting and monetizing piracy, rather than trying to protect against it. Business decision makers performed a detailed ROI analysis, and concluded that Revulytics Compliance Intelligence would pay for itself after generating even a few successful leads.

  • Quickly embedded Compliance Intelligence in two key products
  • Thousands of infringement “pings” were captured by the solution every day
  • Compliance and sales teams worked together to build successful lead management processes


  • Starting with a single product, it closed 16 new deals in its first year, more than enough to pay for its investment 
  • In year two, it closed 25 new deals, deployed Compliance Intelligence into additional products, and closed nearly 130 new prospects. It has since expanded its use with an enterprise license,
  • As it scaled up its use of the data, the customer has maintained a very high conversion rate: worldwide, 75% of cases that progress to a customer contact lead to new revenue.
  • Its compliance team grew from two individuals to a decentralized organization, reflecting confidence that it could recover more money without significant risk to either its brand or its customer relationships.

We're achieving all the things we set out to do. We're realizing revenue, we're reducing our piracy problem, and at the same time we're maintaining strong customer relationships. We've never had to take legal action, and as often as not, we get a thank you for 'bringing this information to our attention and giving us an opportunity to resolve it'.

- Lead License Compliance Investigator

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