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Week in Review 4/22/2013

April 23, 2013


Welcome back to V.i. Labs’ weekly update on software piracy and copyright infringement. In this edition: a Finnish topsite trial results in suspended sentences and reduced damages, and a distributor of pirated AllData software avoids jail and pays restitution.

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Topsite Trial in Finland Yields Suspended Sentences and Reduced Damages

fi-lgflagTorrentFreak reported on the conclusion of Angel Falls topsite case in Finland. A topsite is a “source from where all kinds of unauthorized digital media cascade down into the public Internet and file-sharing networks such as BitTorrent.” In this case - the largest in Finland's history - “six men were on trial for their alleged activities on the topsite between January 2006 and November 2007.” The site was “a network of 15 servers containing large quantities of movies, music (170,000 tracks on one server alone), TV shows, video games and software, plus books and other content.”

Despite 6 million euros being claimed in damages by the rightsholders (represented by CIAPC), the court handed down suspended sentences for three of the six defendants and reduced the damages claim to 45,000 euros - clearly not the result desired by the rightsholders.

Once again we see that pursuing piracy cases in court (especially those focused on distribution channels) can be time consuming, resource intensive and yield only a Pyrrhic victory.

On the other hand, software vendors that leverage software intelligence are turning unpaid adopters into paying customers. Attend our upcoming webinar on to learn more about how your inside sales team can leverage software intelligence to uncover a stream of license revenue.

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AllData Pirate Distributor Pays Restitution, Avoids Jail

In other legal news, the Sacramento Business Journal noted that “a five-month investigation of software pirated from Elk Grove-based auto-repair information provider AllData LLC led to a Stanislaus County man pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge and agreeing to pay restitution.”

While this is a positive result, it does point to demand for AllData's software and our research revealed that its software is still readily available through the piracy distribution channels. We have talked about the whac-a-mole nature of focusing on piracy distribution channels - knock one down and more pop up. By shifting the focus to companies with unpaid adopters of unpaid software you can add recurring license revenue and satisfied customers.

Are you still dubious about focusing on the adopters of unpaid software? Join us in Waltham on May 14 for a license compliance panel and reception featuring speakers from Dassault Systèmes Solidworks, the BSA, and Software Compliance Group and learn more about recovering revenue from unpaid licenses.

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