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iOS Piracy App Installous Folds, Chinese National Reaches Plea Deal on Major Piracy Charges and Azerbaijan Significantly Reduces Piracy Rate - Week in Review 1/7/2013

January 7, 2013


Welcome back to V.i. Labs’ weekly update on software license compliance and piracy, we hope you had happy holidays and a great New Year! The last two weeks in software piracy news included the end of the iOS piracy app Installous, a Chinese national reached a plea deal on serious software piracy charges, and Azerbaijan took a significant step towards software compliance. Read on and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Google+ and our RSS feed to get the latest news.

iOS Jailbreak Piracy App Closes Up Shop, Non-Jailbreak Alternatives Quickly Replace It

Hackulous, the development team behind Installous, a piracy app for jailbroken iOS devices, closed their doors at the end of December. Previously, Installous had been the only method for installing pirated apps onto Apple’s iPads and iPhones by essentially offering users access to a pirated app store. The Hackulous software worked by installing a package onto the Cydia jailbreaking platform that would trick Apple’s verification system into thinking a pirated app was legit.

ios piracy app

Unfortunately for Apple and iOS developers, it didn’t take long for alternatives to pop up and take Installous’ place. Since Hackulous’ exit, two new iOS piracy services have entered the fray - Zuesmos and Kuaiyong. Unlike Installous, these new services don’t require a user to jailbreak their iOS device, making the process of acquiring pirated apps significantly easier and available to all iOS users, not just the estimated 10% of iOS users with a jailbreak.

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Chinese National Charged with Software Piracy Reaches Plea Deal with Feds

Back in April 2012, the Federal Government brought over 46 charges relating to software piracy against two Chinese nationals, Xiang Li and Chun Lan Li. According to the Justice Department’s press release, the two defendants were accused of selling the software of over 150 manufacturers from their websites:, and

Last week Xiang Li pleaded guilty to copyright infringement and wire fraud with prosecutors agreeing to drop the other counts against Li. In related news Cosburn Wedderburn, a former NASA employee and customer of Li’s who pleaded guilty back in April 2012 to purchasing more than $1 Millon worth of pirated software is still awaiting sentencing.

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Azerbaijan Significantly Reduces Software Piracy Rate

The former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan reduced its piracy rate by 7% - from 94% to 87% - according to the BSA and Microsoft. Rufat Hajialibekov, head of Microsoft Azerbaijan, said “the decrease in this indicator was affected by transition of some state structures, in particular the Ministries of Taxes and of Communications & IT to licensed software, based on the agreement signed between the Azerbaijani government and Microsoft, implying full legalization of software solutions of governmental agencies’ computers. As the implementation of the agreement, each year the level of piracy in the country will be reduced.”

Azerbaijan’s tackling of software piracy in government is similar to China’s efforts to reduce or eliminate software piracy in government entities and state-owned companies.


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