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Trackerbird SDK Version 3 released for Windows and Mac OS X

January 20, 2014


The long-awaited Trackerbird SDK version 3.0 is finally here, now supporting all Windows desktop platforms as well as Mac OS X!

This version of the SDK contains a bunch of cool new features as well as some great improvements based on our esteemed customer feedback. You may visit the API downloads and documentation portal to get your hands on the latest SDK and try out the new tracking and in-app marketing features.

Let's have a look at what's new in Trackerbird Analytics SDK V3...

What's New in the Trackerbird SDK Version 3.0

  • Stack-trace collection: Apart from tracking Exceptions, you can now choose to collect stack trace info from clients to debug issues even before they are reported.
  • Custom Events/String collection: The Event Tracking API has been extended to support custom strings so you can now collect any (freetext) parameters when tracking events or feature usage.
  • In-app user feedback collection: Just add a feedback button in your app and let us give your users a voice. Any feedback collected from users will also contain the full user profile, including product version, license status as well as OS & machine architecture details so you can apply context to any user comments.
  • Track Lead Source or Marketing Campaign: Learn how user activity, loyalty and conversion trends vary by download source, landing page, referral or marketing campaign. By segmenting any report based on these custom parameters, you can determine the the lead quality and marketing ROI for every lead source.
  • Filter/Segment data by custom properties: Apart from filtering data by Country, Version, Edition, Build, OS, Language, License, you can now also collect any custom property values from your client installations and use them to filter/group/segment your users based on any custom criteria.
  • Send Reachout™ campaigns based on lead source or custom property: Now you can send customized in-app followup campaigns specifically to users coming from a specific landing page or download source or who match a particular custom property.
  • Removed .NET dependencies: The core of the new SDK version 3 has been totally rewritten in native C++ and includes a number of performance enhancements. One of the major changes from previous versions is that we removed all dependencies on .NET components for both data collection and server communication.

API Documentation

Full API documentation for .NET, C++, Obj-C and Python is available from:

Trackerbird API integration typically takes less than 30 minutes and can be evaluated for free by registering a free Trackerbird account from:

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Keith Fenech

Post written by Keith Fenech

Keith is Revulytics’ VP, Software Analytics and was the co-founder and CEO of Trackerbird Software Analytics before the company was acquired by Revulytics in 2016. Following the acquisition, Keith joined the Revulytics team and is now responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the Usage Analytics business within the company. Prior to founding Trackerbird, Keith held senior product roles at GFI Software where he was responsible for the product roadmap and revenue growth for various security products in the company's portfolio. Keith also brings with him 10 years of IT consultancy experience in the SMB space. Keith has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Malta, specializing in high performance computing.