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Trackerbird participates at SMAU Milano 2014

October 23, 2014


Trackerbird at SMAU Milano 2014This year Trackerbird is participating at Smau Business Milano which is a 3-day B2B conference being held in Milan, Italy between 22-24 October 2014.

During the event, Trackerbird is launching its newest addon: License usage Tracking and Piracy monitoring service. This new service is being offered as an addition to its popular Software Analytics and in-app Marketing cloud service.

"During the past year Trackerbird has helped companies track over 25 million installations and a portion of these customers have realized they have a significant piracy rate or license abuse problem", says Keith Fenech, CEO of Trackerbird.

With this new feature, Trackerbird is now providing an easy solution for software companies to detect which license keys are in use, which 'legitimate' keys are being abused and how many pirate installations are running in the wild.

"Trackerbird does not simply stop at detecting and reporting such licensing issues. We also give our customers the ability to take action by relying on our ReachOut™ in-app messaging framework and license checking API.", added Mr. Fenech.

Companies using the Trackerbird  service can use this intelligence to monetize the lost revenue from pirated or abused keys by sending automated ReachOut™ messages to such users, pushing them to buy a license or remedy the situation.  Alternatively software developers can rely on the Trackerbird API to check license key validity and activation status in real-time from within their application so they can take appropriate action in case of a blacklisted, expired or abused key.

More info?

Link to press release.

Screenshots and details of the new License key usage tracking and Piracy monitoring Service.

More details can be obtained from the company's website at: or else by calling Trackerbird on: +1-914-228-3014.

Keith Fenech

Post written by Keith Fenech

Keith is Revulytics’ VP, Software Analytics and was the co-founder and CEO of Trackerbird Software Analytics before the company was acquired by Revulytics in 2016. Following the acquisition, Keith joined the Revulytics team and is now responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the Usage Analytics business within the company. Prior to founding Trackerbird, Keith held senior product roles at GFI Software where he was responsible for the product roadmap and revenue growth for various security products in the company's portfolio. Keith also brings with him 10 years of IT consultancy experience in the SMB space. Keith has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Malta, specializing in high performance computing.