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What Spotify and Metallica Can Teach Us About Data-Driven Event Strategy

On its recent earnings call, Spotify founder Daniel Ek revealed that Metallica is now leveraging data from the streaming music service to localize their performances, tailoring set lists based on the songs most popular among fans in that city. ...

Picture of Keith Fenech

Keith Fenech  

|  August 28, 2018   |   In-App Messaging

Improving Cold Calling with Product Usage Analytics

Designed to somewhat scare a prospect into paying attention, an increasingly favored form of cold calling seems to be the “Your (insert title of executive in target line of business here) told me you’d be interested in our offering” phone call, or ...

Picture of Joseph Noonan

Joseph Noonan  

|  August 16, 2018   |   Sales

Was ist die Software-Nutzungsanalyse?

Je nachdem, was Sie tun (Produktmanagement, Softwareentwicklung usw.), können Sie es Software-Nutzungsanalyse, Runtime Intelligence, Software Business Intelligence oder Software Intelligence nennen (falls ich Ihre Lieblingsbezeichnung vergessen ...

Picture of Michael Goff

Michael Goff  

|  August 14, 2018   |   Product Management

Analyzing User Behavior Through Lifetime Event Usage

Lifetime Event Usage is a measurement of the number of times that a user generated an event throughout their lifetime, i.e., starting from when the tracked application was installed until the last time that the user was active. The aim behind this ...

Arielle Bonnici  

|  August 09, 2018   |   Usage Analytics

Gartner Includes Software Usage Analytics in 2018 Hype Cycles

Gartner recently released the Hype Cycle for Software as a Service, 2018, Hype Cycle for Customer Experience Analytics, 2018, and Hype Cycle for Application Security, 2018. Software Usage Analytics is included in all three Hype Cycles.

Picture of Victor DeMarines

Victor DeMarines  

|  August 07, 2018   |   Sales

What Trader Joe’s Can Teach You About Customer-Centric Product Development

My colleague Michael told me about a great story he heard on a podcast from U.S. grocery store Trader Joe’s about why they sell bananas for 19 cents each instead of by the pound (not surprisingly, the episode is titled, “It’s About The Products”).

Picture of Keith Fenech

Keith Fenech  

|  July 31, 2018   |   In-App Messaging

Software Analytics in Action – Should I Dump an Old Feature That Complicates UI Changes?

A wide range of changes will occur throughout the lifecycle of an application. Initially they may be to address bugs and add new functionality, but as a product becomes more mature and stable, product managers may struggle to balance sustaining ...

Picture of Michael Goff

Michael Goff  

|  July 23, 2018   |   License Compliance

SaaS: Built to Last or Built to Lose? The Growing Opportunity for On-Premise Vendors

Oracle’s sales tactics have garnered attention recently, with a series of high-profile stories alleging that the tech giant is using audits to force cloud products on customers in exchange for a break on compliance costs. The end game is that even ...

Picture of Joseph Noonan

Joseph Noonan  

|  July 11, 2018   |   Growth