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Software Analytics in Action – Should I Dump an Old Feature That Complicates UI Changes?

A wide range of changes will occur throughout the lifecycle of an application. Initially they may be to address bugs and add new functionality, but as a product becomes more mature and stable, product managers may struggle to balance sustaining ...

Picture of Michael Goff

Michael Goff  

|  July 23, 2018   |   License Compliance

SaaS: Built to Last or Built to Lose? The Growing Opportunity for On-Premise Vendors

Oracle’s sales tactics have garnered attention recently, with a series of high-profile stories alleging that the tech giant is using audits to force cloud products on customers in exchange for a break on compliance costs. The end game is that even ...

Picture of Joseph Noonan

Joseph Noonan  

|  July 11, 2018   |   Growth

Personalization with Anonymous Data (Not an Oxymoron)

“Dear [FIRST NAME], in order for us to keep inserting your first name here, new laws require us to get your explicit permission to keep doing so. Our lawyers want you to Click Here to Opt-In.”

Picture of Keith Fenech

Keith Fenech  

|  June 29, 2018   |   In-App Messaging

[VIDEO] How to Use In-App Messaging to Promote Events

In-application messaging is an untapped channel to promote events that can help users get more out of your applications, like webinars, product training, user meetups, trade shows, and more. In this video, we’ll show you how to set up a ReachOut ...

Picture of Keith Fenech

Keith Fenech  

|  June 20, 2018   |   Videos

[VIDEO] How to Survey Users with In-App Messaging and Usage Intelligence

This video will walk step-by-step through setting up a survey of users that meet specific targeting criteria with a Manual Campaign. We will set up an example campaign that aims to collect feedback on a new version we’ve released to see how it ...

Picture of Keith Fenech

Keith Fenech  

|  June 14, 2018   |   Videos

Hard-Coded vs. Dynamic In-App Messaging: What’s Your User Engagement Strategy?

Perhaps you’re familiar with Scratch, a programming language developed to teach children as young as 8 the basics of learning to code software. Young coders create animated stories and projects by snapping so-called coding blocks together. They can ...

Picture of Keith Fenech

Keith Fenech  

|  June 08, 2018   |   In-App Messaging

[VIDEO] Encouraging Users to Upgrade With In-App Messaging

There’s a reason that in the software world, we often say we are “pushing” users to the latest version – as it often requires a bit of encouragement to get users to upgrade.  Using ReachOut in-app messaging software, we can easily target certain ...

Picture of Keith Fenech

Keith Fenech  

|  May 30, 2018   |   Videos

Ready for GDPR in a Software Usage Analytics World

At Revulytics, we’ve received questions from our customers on how to ensure General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance with our platform , and worked with Privacy Ref to put together some resources on best practices to that end. I’ll ...

Picture of Victor DeMarines

Victor DeMarines  

|  May 25, 2018   |   Usage Analytics