Topic: Software Licensing

CMS Wire: How to Move to a Subscription-Based Pricing Model

“The Subscription Economy,” is a term coined by Tien Tzuo, the founder of subscription management software vendor Zuora, as a way to describe an emerging economic model in which people lease, rent or otherwise consume products as a service, rather ...

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Implementing Consumption-Based Licensing: How Software Usage Analytics Can Help

Perhaps you are familiar with the concept of usage-based automobile insurance, which leverages telematics to more closely align premium rates with actual driving behaviors. Progressive, for instance, has an offering that monitors driving behavior ...

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The Sales Enablement Approach to Software License Compliance

Leveraging Data to Support a Portfolio of Engagement Strategies Both parties in the IT buying process desire a fair deal based on value, but too often wind up feeling exposed due to complexity, uncertainty, and risk surrounding software assets over ...

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Shifting to Subscription-Based Licensing: How Compliance and Usage Analytics Can Help

When Autodesk stopped selling perpetual licenses of its desktop software last year, it was yet another validation of the growing popularity of subscription-based pricing. By 2020, more than 80 percent of ISVs will shift their models from traditional ...

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June 20, 2014 Software Piracy

The Five Stages of Software Compliance Maturity

Many companies either do not realize that they have a piracy problem, or underestimate the scope of it. The fact is that piracy continues to be a worldwide problem and for many software companies, revenue losses from the use of unlicensed software ...

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March 19, 2014 Industry Research

V.i. Labs' CEO on IDC Software Pricing and Licensing Predictions for 2014

IDC Research Vice President Amy Konary recently delivered a presentation on Worldwide Software Pricing and Licensing Predictions for 2014. One prediction rang especially true for us at V.i. Labs: “Seeking to increase revenue, software vendors will ...

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January 21, 2014 Company News

V.i. Labs Data Generated More Than $300M in New License Revenue for Customers in 2013

Today we announced record results in 2013 in enabling software companies to generate new revenue from unpaid software use. V.i. Labs data generated more than $300 million in new license revenue for customers in 2013, and we have achieved 500 percent ...

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