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Moving Applications to the Cloud and Adopting Cloud-Like Business Models

On-premise software vendors are incorporating cloud-like business models and subscription-based pricing that make them more competitive and best meet the needs of their customers. Adobe, Autodesk, and Microsoft have all adopted hybrid (on-premise ...

Picture of Victor DeMarines

Victor DeMarines  

|  October 17, 2019   |   Cloud

What Is Software Usage Analytics?

Depending on what you do (product management, software development, etc.), you may call it software usage analytics, runtime intelligence, software business intelligence, or software intelligence (if I missed your favorite please add it in the ...

Picture of Michael Goff

Michael Goff  

|  September 12, 2019   |   Product Management

SDK Integration - Getting Started with Usage Intelligence - Part 1

In the first article of this 3 part series, we will be looking at how you can integrate your application with Revulytics Usage Intelligence in 4 easy steps from registering your product to viewing the first call-home data in your Dashboard. We will ...

Arielle Bonnici  

|  August 01, 2019   |   Usage Analytics

In-App Messaging and In-App Marketing using ReachOut

You have collected a wealth of runtime intelligence via Revulytics Software Usage Analytics which has helped you unearth some interesting trends about your users. Your top concerns are that some of your main features are not being discovered by ...

Arielle Bonnici  

|  April 30, 2019   |   Company News

How to Use the Client Profile Report and Export

The Revulytics Usage Intelligence platform allows you to extract a data set of Client IDs along with the profile data, usage data, and ReachOut in-app message deliveries for each. The Client Profile Report is available as an interactive report ...

Arielle Bonnici  

|  November 16, 2018   |   Usage Analytics

The Benefits of Product Usage Analytics in Protecting Software Intellectual Property

The US Patent and Trademark Office recently held its 2018 Trademark Exposition in Washington, D.C., at which the keynote speaker was someone you probably wouldn’t immediately associate with that particular space: Kareem Abdul-Jabar. But as an ...

Picture of Joseph Noonan

Joseph Noonan  

|  September 28, 2018   |   Growth

Improving Cold Calling with Product Usage Analytics

Designed to somewhat scare a prospect into paying attention, an increasingly favored form of cold calling seems to be the “Your (insert title of executive in target line of business here) told me you’d be interested in our offering” phone call, or ...

Picture of Joseph Noonan

Joseph Noonan  

|  August 16, 2018   |   Sales

Was ist die Software-Nutzungsanalyse?

Je nachdem, was Sie tun (Produktmanagement, Softwareentwicklung usw.), können Sie es Software-Nutzungsanalyse, Runtime Intelligence, Software Business Intelligence oder Software Intelligence nennen (falls ich Ihre Lieblingsbezeichnung vergessen ...

Picture of Michael Goff

Michael Goff  

|  August 14, 2018   |   Product Management