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Driving Customer Success with Software Usage Analytics

While it may seem obvious, the best way to retain customers (and grow your footprint within an existing account) is to ensure that customers are getting value from your applications. Let’s take a look at some ways the most innovative customer ...

Picture of Keith Fenech

Keith Fenech  

|  January 07, 2020   |   Sales

Software Piracy Myth #1: Software Piracy Only Occurs in China and Russia

Like no other industry, software companies have had a long and conflicted history with those who misappropriate and misuse their intellectual property. As long as there has been software, there has been software misuse, which includes overuse ...

Picture of Victor DeMarines

Victor DeMarines  

|  September 30, 2019   |   Software Piracy

The Sales Enablement Approach to Software License Compliance

Leveraging Data to Support a Portfolio of Engagement Strategies Both parties in the IT buying process desire a fair deal based on value, but too often wind up feeling exposed due to complexity, uncertainty, and risk surrounding software assets over ...

Picture of Victor DeMarines

Victor DeMarines  

|  December 13, 2018   |   Software Licensing

Using Compliance Analytics Data to Improve Your Software Audit Program

According to Gartner, analytics enables software providers to improve retention and revenue by “tracking how often and when the software (including specific modules) is being used, allowing identification of licensing compliance gaps.” Let’s ...

Picture of Victor DeMarines

Victor DeMarines  

|  November 21, 2018   |   Software Piracy

Improving Cold Calling with Product Usage Analytics

Designed to somewhat scare a prospect into paying attention, an increasingly favored form of cold calling seems to be the “Your (insert title of executive in target line of business here) told me you’d be interested in our offering” phone call, or ...

Picture of Joseph Noonan

Joseph Noonan  

|  August 16, 2018   |   Sales

Gartner Includes Software Usage Analytics in 2018 Hype Cycles

Gartner recently released the Hype Cycle for Software as a Service, 2018, Hype Cycle for Customer Experience Analytics, 2018, and Hype Cycle for Application Security, 2018. Software Usage Analytics is included in all three Hype Cycles.

Picture of Victor DeMarines

Victor DeMarines  

|  August 07, 2018   |   Sales
July 16, 2018 Software Piracy

What is Unpaid Software?

According to the 2018 BSA Global Software Survey, the commercial value of unlicensed software was $46.3 billion dollars. Revulytics compliance analytics has supported customer compliance programs generating more than $2.4 billion in new license ...

Picture of Michael Goff

Michael Goff  

|  July 16, 2018   |   Software Piracy

[VIDEO] Driving Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Conversions with In-App Messaging

In-application messaging can prompt users to upgrade to premium editions so they get the full functionality of your software and have access to certain features. When presented contextually within an application using ReachOut, you can make sure the ...

Picture of Keith Fenech

Keith Fenech  

|  May 22, 2018   |   Videos