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Analyzing User Behavior Through Lifetime Event Usage

Lifetime Event Usage is a measurement of the number of times that a user generated an event throughout their lifetime, i.e., starting from when the tracked application was installed until the last time that the user was active. The aim behind this ...

Arielle Bonnici  

|  August 09, 2018   |   Usage Analytics

Software License Usage Tracking - Getting Started with Usage Intelligence - Part 3

In the last article of this 3 part series, we will look at the license key management capabilities offered by Usage Intelligence. In addition to Software Analytics, Usage Intelligence provides a License Key Usage Tracking and Piracy Monitoring ...

Arielle Bonnici  

|  January 04, 2017   |   Usage Analytics

Event Tracking - Getting Started with Usage Intelligence - Part 2

In the second article of this 3 part series, we will be using the Usage Analytics event tracking capabilities to log custom data from our calculator application. We will continue to use the simple calculator application and the .NET SDK with C# code ...

Arielle Bonnici  

|  January 03, 2017   |   Usage Analytics

Build Custom Reports and Export Data with Revulytics Usage Intelligence Reporting Web API

The Usage Intelligence Interactive Dashboard is a mine of information which provides runtime intelligence related to product usage, environment statistics, event tracking, licensing information as well as user engagement and churn reports. However ...

Arielle Bonnici  

|  March 04, 2016   |   Usage Analytics

Using Open Source Libraries with Closed Source Software

It’s very common for developers to want to use open-source libraries and frameworks: open-source software is freely available, often robust and flexible, and using these tools makes the developer’s program easier to create when everything doesn’t ...

Picture of Leah Hamilton

Leah Hamilton  

|  February 17, 2016   |   Usage Analytics

Collecting Custom Data with Event Tracking

There are instances when knowing the number of times that an event occurred is not enough, but you would like to collect further information which is custom to your application. This may include: Collecting configuration settings as specified by the ...

Arielle Bonnici  

|  February 09, 2016   |   Usage Analytics

Setting up Titan 1.0 with Apache HBase

During a recent project we researched a number of graph databases. One of these was Titan, currently regarded as one of the leading graph databases having native integration with the Apache TinkerPop graph stack. The plan was to create a test setup ...

Arielle Bonnici  

|  February 02, 2016   |   Usage Analytics

Funding Your Software Prototype

Think of prototypes as a form of trial and error. After conceptualizing your product on paper or in a digital program the next step is to develop a working prototype. At this time it isn’t necessary to flesh out the aesthetics; instead, be more ...

Picture of Keith Fenech

Keith Fenech  

|  January 20, 2016   |   Product Management