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We’re a Gartner Cool Vendor, But Our Customers Are Even Cooler

Gartner recently named Revulytics a 2017 Cool Vendor in the Tech Go-to-Market category. We’re honored and excited for the recognition of our solution, and we’re even more excited by software usage analytics’ role in improving go-to-market ...

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In-App Messaging and In-App Marketing using ReachOut

You have collected a wealth of runtime intelligence via Revulytics Software Usage Analytics which has helped you unearth some interesting trends about your users. Your top concerns are that some of your main features are not being discovered by ...

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March 08, 2016 Company News

V.i. Labs' Acquisition of Trackerbird Software Analytics

Today we are excited to announce V.i. Labs’ acquisition of Trackerbird and to welcome our combined customers to a wider and deeper range of software intelligence capabilities. Today’s acquisition supports our growth as a company and our vision of ...

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Churn Analysis Reports - Revulytics Usage Intelligence

Having an efficient mechanism to measure churn (a.k.a. User Attrition), and learn about what is triggering users to move away from your product is crucial in improving your conversion and retention rates. With Trackerbird's new Churn reports you ...

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October 20, 2015 Company News

Revulytics (formerly Trackerbird) launches SDK for Linux application tracking

We are pleased to announce the launch of Revulytics Usage Intelligence (formerly Trackerbird) Software Analytics SDK for Linux.  This SDK will allow software developers to track Linux applications and collect runtime events and user engagement data ...

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Tracking Software Applications on Windows 10

If you have customers running your desktop application on Windows 10 platforms, you can now use the latest Usage Intelligence SDK to track runtime and user engagement on this edition of Windows. Revulytics provides Software Analytics and call-home ...

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Trackerbird expands into EU datacentre

We are pleased to announce that Trackerbird has expanded its services into a new datacentre in Amsterdam. This is part of our infrastructure expansion plans and will cater for customers who would like their data to be retained within the EU to meet ...

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