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Top 5 Things to Know About Combating License Misuse and Overuse with Software Intelligence

June 19, 2012


IDC Software Intelligence Whitepaper

We have sponsored a white paper by IDC’s Amy Konary that she has titled, “Information Is Power: Combating Software License Misuse and Overuse with Intelligence.” It comments on the state of software piracy and discusses steps software vendors can take to identify sources of piracy and recover revenue. Best of all, it includes interviews with CodeArmor Intelligence customers.

In anticipation of Amy Konary sharing the findings of her white paper tomorrow, here are the top 5 things we think you should know about combating license misuse and overuse with software intelligence:

  1. The BSA’s 2011 Global Piracy Study that found that the commercial value of software theft exceeded $60 billion in 2011 (nearly $10 billion in the US alone). This represents a huge opportunity for license revenue generation for software vendors that can identify who is actually using their software without a license.
  2. Investments in licensing and software protection technologies still leave you vulnerable to piracy. One customer told IDC, “Even with all the things we were doing in terms of protection and obfuscation, we measured the time it took for hackers to crack a new release of our product in terms of weeks. It was a never ending cat-and-mouse game.
  3. Software intelligence lets you “understand the magnitude of the piracy problem, where the problem is coming from, and what kind of people are attempting to pirate the software” so you can make data-driven decisions about how to combat it.
  4. Software intelligence yields an increase in the volume of leads and a faster turnaround time to resolution.
  5. Software intelligence enhances the effectiveness of your revenue recovery/generation teams. A customer told IDC, “The CodeArmor Intelligence technology is creating a new revenue stream and enhancing the traditional leads that we have from the sales organization. We’ve recovered tens of millions of dollars by using it [CodeArmor Intelligence], and it is greatly accelerating our recovery operations.”

The bottom line? “Armed with intelligence on software piracy… V.i. Labs gives customers the opportunity to ‘retain control of their own destiny.’”

Please join us for the webcast where Amy will share her findings and answer your questions about software intelligence. All registrants will be the first to receive a complimentary copy of IDC’s whitepaper as a follow-up to the webcast.

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Michael Goff

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