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Report from Mass Technology Leadership Council's unConference

June 8, 2009


A few of us from V.i. Labs attended the Mass Technology Leadership Council's spring unConference this past Friday.

If you're unfamiliar with an "unConference," MassTLC defined it as, "a
facilitated, face-to-face, and participant-driven conference centered
around a theme or purpose, in this case, the future of software and the
Internet." We proposed and facilitated a session on "Brainstorming New Strategies for Growing License Revenue in this Economy."

We had about 15 people in the session with folks from software vendors and (interestingly) law firms. Here are some of the ideas that we discussed (the first two came from us):

  • Find ways to identify "customers" you don't know about (businesses that were overtly pirating your software)
  • Identify the customers you do know about, but that aren't paying you what they should be (businesses that are exceeding the number of licenses they've paid for)
  • Use flexible licensing - make it easy to buy the way customers want to buy (features-based licensing to drive increased use)
  • Change your packaging model to let customers adopt features that would otherwise have seemed cost prohibitive - "pick and choose" features
  • Adopt "super aggressive" software release cycles - continue to push new features to customers
  • Use social networking/social media to enable your user community to vote on new features and announce these new features in a very visible way

As an aside, I was interested to hear one of the attorneys note that "attorneys are among the bluntest and most expensive implements available" when it came to growing license revenue from piracy. The attorney noted that it is "rare that it makes sense to sue people" and that threshold for deciding to pursue a case was around the $2 million mark.

All in all, the whole unConference was a great experience with great people sharing ideas and experiences they are clearly passionate about. We'd love to hear from other attendees in the comments - let us know if you were in our session and what you thought!

- Michael

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Michael Goff

Post written by Michael Goff

Marketing Director at Revulytics
Michael is Marketing Director at Revulytics where he is responsible for corporate marketing, content, and social media. He has helped to educate the industry on the benefits of software usage analytics for compliance and product management through the company's blog and contributed articles in trade publications. Michael was previously a marketing programs manager at The MathWorks and principal at Goff Communications. Michael earned a J.D. from Boston University School of Law and a B.A. from Colgate University.