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Microsoft: Firms buying into piracy

May 6, 2009


More news on businesses using pirated (or unlicensed) software - this time it's from Turkey. According to the article "recent Microsoft research has revealed that public institutions and big companies, which invest millions of dollars in Turkey, use pirated software." Microsoft estimates that the piracy rate is 65% ("two out of every three copies of software are unlicensed").

We continue to see stories about businesses that are using unlicensed software, yet many software vendors are still in denial about the impact of piracy on their businesses. While it will be interesting to see the global piracy numbers from the BSA next week, they only tell part of the story (and even then, the numbers are often criticized).

The other part of the story is the direct impact of piracy on a specific vendor: "How does piracy impact my company's bottom line?"

As the stream of stories about businesses using pirated software shows, piracy is a relevant issue - especially in a down economy. Our CodeArmor Intelligence customers are seeing this firsthand - they are receiving actionable leads from these businesses and are starting to recover revenue from them.

- Michael

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Michael Goff

Post written by Michael Goff

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