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BSA Partners with Malaysia, Microsoft Sees Growth in Indonesia as Piracy Rates Drop and the BSA Fines a Firm in the UK - Week in Review 11/5/2012

November 5, 2012


Welcome back to V.i. Labs’ weekly update on software licensing and piracy. Last week BSA partnered with Malaysia to fight piracy, Microsoft saw growth in Indonesia as piracy rates dropped and the BSA fined a firm in the UK. Read on and don’t forget to follow us to get the latest news.

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BSA Partners with Malaysia to Combat Piracy

The BSA has begun to work more closely with the Malaysian Ministry of Domestic Trade Cooperatives and Consumerism to reduce the rate of software piracy in the country. Roland Chan, BSA senior director for Asia Pacific was optimistic saying, “I think over the course of time, the rate will reduce. We have seen a gradual reduction when we started monitoring piracy rates in the mid-1990s”. According to the BSA’s 2011 report, Malaysia had a piracy rate of 55 percent in 2010 – a one point drop from the previous year.

In Malaysia and throughout the world, the BSA has been introducing a new license compliance program called the Licensed Management Registry, or LMR360. The program offers companies a way to manage their software licensing agreements and to demonstrate that their company is license compliant.

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Microsoft Sees Positive Growth in Indonesia as Piracy Rates Drop

Years of economic growth and a burgeoning middle class has begun to sway Indonesian consumers away from piracy and toward license compliance. Over the past few years, Indonesia - a country with a piracy rate of 86 percent - has become Microsoft’s fastest growing market in Asia, accounting for 15 percent of Asia Pacific sales. According to Microsoft sales in Indonesia are up 32 percent from last year.

While Indonesia’s turnaround is a huge success, the country still faces significant infrastructure problems that could affect its adoption of cloud based software solutions and subsequently its software piracy rate. Internet speeds in Indonesia are notoriously slow, ranking as one of the slowest in the world for web page loading speeds.

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BSA Fines Firm for Its Recently Acquired Company’s Software Piracy

First Choice Facilities (FCF), a UK security and fire protection company, found itself slapped with a £18,000 fine from the BSA after a company it acquired was found to be using unlicensed software.

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According to the BSA, even though First Choice Facilities had no idea of piracy at time it acquired the company, FCF is still responsible for the use of unlicensed software. In a press release the BSA said, “It [is] essential for the acquirer to identify how and what software the acquiree was licensed for… This would provide the opportunity to discover any instances of illegal software, which they might subsequently become liable for”. The BSA was tipped off to the piracy by a whistleblower from the acquired company, most likely through its controversial End User Reward Program.




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