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Interesting Stat in SIIA's 2008 Anti-Piracy Year In Review

March 11, 2009


I was interested to see this stat in the SIIA Anti-Piracy Year In Review for 2008 (my emphasis):

"Most cases pursued by SIIA represent relatively larger companies – the average number of staff is over 804 with average annual sales of nearly $90 million. While it may not appear that these are large companies, they are, compared to the 85% of firms that have fewer than 20 employees (according to the Small Business Administration)."

Statistics like this underscore our belief that many ISVs would be better served by pursuing the businesses that are using their software without paying for it (we also refer to these businesses as "infringing organizations" or "unlicensed customers"). There are clearly sizable businesses out there that have the means to pay for software, but have not done so.

We've commented on this blog about some of the news reports of businesses that end up paying settlements for their use of unlicensed software. Going after these infringing organizations has a direct relationship to recovering revenue, and the more of these businesses that you can identify, the greater the revenue recovery can be.

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Michael Goff

Post written by Michael Goff

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