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[INFOGRAPHIC] 2019 Revulytics Software Piracy Statistics

September 27, 2019


Commercial Value of Unlicensed Software in North America and Western Europe


Data from the BSA Global Software Survey 2018 shows significant revenue generation opportunities in regions with strong intellectual property (IP) laws.

Revulytics Compliance Intelligence customers are collecting forensic evidence of unlicensed software use from 194 of 195 countries



Regional strategies to generating revenue from the unlicensed use of software yield the best results. While an “inside sales” approach works well in North America and the EU, raids with government agencies are a better approach in certain countries in Asia.

Top 20 Software License Misuse and Piracy Hotspots


Based on aggregate data from Revulytics Compliance Intelligence, these are the top 20 countries using pirated software as of Q2 2019:

1. China
2. Russia
3. United States
4. India
5. Ukraine
6. Italy
7. Taiwan
8. Korea
9. Mexico
10. Vietnam
11. France
12. Turkey
13. Iran
14. Germany
15. Brazil
16. Colombia
17. Indonesia
18. Peru
19. Thailand
20. Hungary

Commercial-Value-Unlicensed-Software-North-America-Western-Europe-Revulytics-Top-20Commercial Value of Unlicensed Software in North America and Western Europe in Countries Represented in the Revulytics Top 20 is $13.5 Billion

Based on the BSA’s calculation of the commercial value of unlicensed software in the countries appearing on Revulytics’ top 20, there is a $13.5 billion opportunity for software vendors. Strong IP laws in these countries makes revenue generation more likely where an “inside sales” approach to convert pirated users to paid customers has proven to be successful.

Piracy Adoption Trends


We looked at the use of unlicensed software at the Top 100 Colleges/Universities and Top 50 Engineering Schools as determined by U.S. News and World Report, the Fortune 100, Software Magazine 100, and the Top 100 UK Universities and Top 100 UK Manufacturing Firms as determined by Hoovers. As in past years, there continues to be high rates of unlicensed use of software in these legally-inclined organizations, representing revenue opportunities with high conversion rates.

Download the infographic or see an animated version online.

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Victor DeMarines

Post written by Victor DeMarines

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