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Software Piracy a Sales Perspective

December 9, 2008


Software piracy seems to be one of those topics that everyone knows about, but no one ever talks about. We spend our time here studying it, have become experts on this topic, and have fine tuned our solutions to help companies implement the appropriate anti-piracy strategies for their organization.

When I talk to a new prospect we start by talking about their specific issues, and I continue to be amazed by the number of organizations that are surprised by the piracy activity on their offerings. Vic talked to Eric Lai at Computerworld recently specifically about our research and the expertise we’ve developed on how the piracy world works. The article just scratches the surface of what we provide to our customers and prospects, so if you’re interested in more information on your organization's specific piracy data you can request a free assessment.

So who does software piracy effect - just Microsoft and the big guys right? Wrong! We work with companies of every size (from $5m or less in annual revenue to $2b or more in annual revenue) - they are all losing revenue to unlicensed users and they all get to the point when someone says, “We have to do something about this.”

But what? Should you lock your application down? Should you try to identify the users of pirated versions so you can collect what’s due to you? Some suggest that if you pursue them they will turn to less expensive open source alternatives. Maybe, but that’s not been our experience: we’ve seen a number of companies identifying these users and successfully turning them into real paying customers. The bottom line is that companies need to find new ways to generate revenue today and they are using anti-piracy strategies to do it.

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Michael Goff

Post written by Michael Goff

Marketing Director at Revulytics
Michael is Marketing Director at Revulytics where he is responsible for corporate marketing, content, and social media. He has helped to educate the industry on the benefits of software usage analytics for compliance and product management through the company's blog and contributed articles in trade publications. Michael was previously a marketing programs manager at The MathWorks and principal at Goff Communications. Michael earned a J.D. from Boston University School of Law and a B.A. from Colgate University.