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May 12, 2009



Three weeks ago the owners of the Pirate Bay - a bitorrent sharing site - were fined a large amount of money in the verdict of the Pirate Bay trial. This made a lot of people angry. Especially the people downloading pirated content.

In a rather funny and clever way, the Pirate Bay founders devised a way to pay that fine and create at the same time a way to keep the music industry and its lawyers from seeing that money.

 Well, this is all nice but in reality pirates (and the people downloading the pirated content) are not so funny when someone is coming against them.

The more you go against them, the more they will fight - and since they are not playing by any rules (read: laws) they can do anything they want. This includes installing bots or other form of malicious software
via the pirated programs, and creating DDOS attacks that (for the most part) go unpunished.

Going against them in a massive way does not solve anything. Gathering information about what is being pirated and going against a particular user of pirated software and recovering money from it, well, it seems like a better way of doing things.

Collect this intelligence and recover your money.

Activate Your Data-Driven Compliance Program

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Michael Goff

Post written by Michael Goff

Marketing Director at Revulytics
Michael is Marketing Director at Revulytics where he is responsible for corporate marketing, content, and social media. He has helped to educate the industry on the benefits of software usage analytics for compliance and product management through the company's blog and contributed articles in trade publications. Michael was previously a marketing programs manager at The MathWorks and principal at Goff Communications. Michael earned a J.D. from Boston University School of Law and a B.A. from Colgate University.