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CentOS Showing Up Multiple Times In This Week's Top Torrents

July 16, 2014


Welcome back to the latest Top 10 Most Pirated Applications. Another week, another dive into the depths of the torrent underworld! This week we have a mixed bag of prior trends, with a few newcomers thrown in:

RankingTorrent NameSize (MB)Age (Days)Swarm Size
1 CentOS 7 0 1406 x86 64 DVD 3,956 5 1,195
2 Internet Download Manager IDM v6 21 Build 1 Crack MUMBAI TPB 10 3 1,062
3 CentOS 7 0 1406 x86 64 Everything 6,735 5 675
4 Top Paid Android Apps, Games & Themes Pack 12 July 2014 ANDROID ZONE 1,596 2 617
5 Windows 8 1 24IN1 AIO x32 Bit English US Pre Activated DaRT 8 1 Updated June 25 2014 v2 3,206 6 498
6 Topaz Photoshop Plugins Bundle July 2014 32 64 bit ChingLiu 785 1 485
7 CentOS 7 0 1406 x86 64 NetInstall 362 5 466
8 Windows 8 1 24IN1 AIO x64 Bit English US Pre Activated DaRT 8 1 Updated June 25 2014 v2 4,144 5 427
9 Norton AntiVirus Norton Internet Security Norton 360 21 3 0 12 Final 2014 PC 1,650 4 406
10 Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 Professional Plus 15 0 4631 10Pack by D!akov 2,489 1 364

This week in the Top 10 we see a new theme, very different from what we have seen in the past. CentOS dominates the scoreboard with its most recent build of the popular Linux OS. Torrent sites, like any medium for transferring data and files, allow the end user to determine whether they use it for legal or illegal activities. Unlike the typical illegal, pirated applications we often see in this top ten list, CentOS is a completely legitimate release using torrent sites for distribution.

This is a great example of how overreactions toward torrent sites ("It's bad! Shut it down!") miss the mark. Frequent readers of our blog know that website takedowns are like playing Whac-a-Mole, take one down and another will pop right up. Not to mention that software vendors can leverage these distribution channels to target unpaid users.

These overreactions can harm the legitimate use of these file-sharing outlets, as well as result in losing potential customers for software vendors that are able to identify and target unlicensed users.

While we may see a number of legitimate Torrents on the list there are still plenty of illegitimate examples. Internet Download Manager makes another appearance along with a new Android Apps Pack. These are continued builds and sets of previous torrents we’ve seen and will continue to see in the future. Windows 8 is included in this continued trend as well with new and updated releases.

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Victor DeMarines

Post written by Victor DeMarines

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Victor DeMarines brings extensive security product management and marketing experience to Revulytics, where he is responsible for product strategy and direction. He is a frequent speaker and author on topics including piracy, reverse engineering and the protection of intellectual property.