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Apple OS X Yosemite Leads Top Torrents for Week of October 20

October 20, 2014


Welcome back to the latest Top 10 Most Pirated Applications. Another week, another dive into the depths of the world of the top desktop software torrents.

Move over Microsoft, here comes Apple! Topping the list this week is the OS X Yosemite operating system in full, non-beta release form. Although this is clearly not as popular as the Windows 10 releases we saw last time, it is still important to pay attention to. If users are willing to pirate their operating system, then it is very likely that they will pirate software to be used on that operating system, too. While there may not be as many Mac users out there, the pool is growing and it is likely that we will see piracy in the Mac ecosystem grow as well.

It's important to note that OS X 10.10 Yosemite is available directly from Apple for no charge. So why is it on torrent sites? Part of this is because of the efficiency of the torrent protocol: it allows people to download things quickly without causing bandwidth issues for websites. Apple's licensing model is to only make its operating system compatible with their own hardware, though there have been loopholes found that will permit it to run on third-party hardware. However, the primary reason it gets uploaded to torrent sites is for use in creating "Hackintosh" computers. These are computers that are not made with Apple hardware, and therefore are not legally permitted to have Mac OS X installed on them.

RankingTorrent NameSize
Swarm Size
1 OS X Yosemite 10 10 4,948 3 1,251
2 Windows 7 Sp1 Ultimate 16in1 x86 x64 OEM ESD en US Oct 2014 by Generation2 =TEAM OS= HKRG 4,482 3 1,037
3 Internet Download Manager IDM 6 21 Build 14 Final Incl Crack ATOM 9 4 879
4 Windows 8 1 AIO 48in1 with Update x64 en US Oct2014 6,885 4 675
5 Keys for Kaspersky Lab products 16 10 2014 2 3 567
7 Bandicam 2 1 0 707 RePack & portable by KpoJIuK 8 5 366
8 SolidWorks 2015 SP0 x64 8,313 5 340
9 Windows 7 SP1 AIO 24in1 x64 en US Oct2014 murphy78 5,869 1 322
10 Keys for Kaspersky Lab products 14 10 2014 1 6 290

That said, the Microsoft releases are still going strong. Three Windows 7 releases and one Windows 8 release make it on the top ten this week, showing just how popular the older Windows operating systems remain. Also making a return appearance on the list are multiple Antivirus Key releases, though this time they’ve been targeted at Kaspersky Labs products only. This is unsurprising as Kaspersky is emerging as one of the most popular security companies in wide use.

Other interesting releases this week include a Bandicam release, and a SolidWorks 2015 release. The Bandicam release is in reaction to the popularity of PC gaming and recording/streaming. Using this software, users are able to record and share their gaming experiences to social websites. The SolidWorks release is a fully cracked version of the most recent software, and is very popular in the CAD/CAM industry.

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Victor DeMarines

Post written by Victor DeMarines

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