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Japan Strengthens Anti-Piracy Law, Adobe's Efforts in India & Piracy in the Philippines - Week in Review 10/9/2012

October 9, 2012


Welcome back to V.i. Labs' weekly update on piracy, protection and digital rights management. This week Japan enacted tougher anti-piracy legislation, Adobe made efforts in India, and a Filipino group was praised for its progress against piracy. Continue reading and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Google+ and our RSS feed to get the latest news.

Japan Strengthens Anti-Piracy Legislation

Internet users in Japan caught downloading copyright infringing material can now face up to two years jail time along with a $25,000 fine. Previously, while the possession of pirated media was illegal, only users who uploaded media faced stiff penalties. The change comes from a new law that went into effect on October 1. The law was passed at the behest of the Recording Industry Association of Japan in an effort to better capitalize on the Japanese market. Japan, the second largest music market in the world, saw a 16% drop in legitimate music downloads in 2011.

Like anti-piracy legislation elsewhere (SOPA, ACTA), the new law faced significant public opposition. Opponents of the law sported Guy Fawkes masks and assembled at local malls to protest. Later, after the law was passed, hacktivists defaced or shut down Japanese Government websites, including the sites for the Japanese Finance Ministry and Supreme Court.

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Adobe Offers Discounted Software in India to Incentivize License Compliance

In an effort to increase license compliance, Adobe is offering discounted software to small and medium enterprises (SME) in India. According to Adobe’s South Asian Director, Umang Bedi, “Piracy is more of [an] absence of awareness than a price quotient.” Bedi continued, “Most of the piracy happens in SMEs and in [the] consumer segment. However, consumer piracy is difficult to track and enterprise customers are getting very conscious about the issue.”

Earlier this year Adobe released Creative Suite 6 and introduced the Creative Cloud, a subscription based model many view as Adobe’s long term solution to piracy. With its low price and exclusive features, Adobe is hoping the Creative Cloud can lure users from away from piracy and into compliance. Interestingly, Adobe has not brought the Creative Cloud to the Indian market. When asked about bringing the monthly subscription model to India, Bedi said the company is exploring the possibilities.

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Filipino Anti-Piracy Board is Praised for Its Efforts

The International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) has praised the Filipino anti piracy group, Optical Media Board (OMB), for its informational anti-piracy campaigns and dialogues with Filipino groups responsible for pirated DVD trafficking. The OMB is chaired by Ronnie Ricketts, a Filipino action star turned anti-piracy activist. Mr. Ricketts has been applauded for his efforts to convince local groups responsible for trading pirated goods to pursue alternative livelihoods.

In the Philippines, Muslim separatists are allegedly responsible for the majority of imported pirated goods. Some of these groups, such as the Abu Sayyaf, are terrorist groups with links to Al Qaeda. According to Edu Manzano, the previous chairman of the OMB, “In the same way that the Yakuza are behind them in Japan and the Hezbollah are involved in [counterfeiting] the Middle East, [the Abu Sayyaf] are suspected of this [in the Philippines].”

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