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Advisory Board Spotlight: Alex Kochis

January 22, 2015


We recently announced the creation of our Advisory Board that will help V.i. Labs' management team assess new market and product development opportunities. Over the next few weeks we're going to spotlight each of our Advisory Board members on the blog and today we're getting started with Alex Kochis.

alex-kochis-94x94Alex is the founder of FiveBy Solutions, a technical, analytical and strategic business services company that enables to maximize the revenue a product can earn from the demand they have generated while maintaining the strongest relationship possible with their customers.

Prior to professional consulting, Alex was Director of Marketing and Product Management in the Windows Client division at Microsoft. In this role he was responsible for developing Microsoft’s continuing strategy for combating piracy and unlicensed use of its products and managing one of the largest anti-piracy programs that has been launched in the software and technology industry to date.

We first made Alex's acquaintance more than five years ago when he was still at Microsoft - we knew we were on the same page when he told us, "Piracy occurs when a product's value proposition fails to succeed in the market." This is a theme highlighted on his FiveBy Solutions website and seems to be central to his approach to addressing piracy.

Alex was a guest presenter recently on our webinar on "Finding Software Pirates Who Will Pay" and noted that more than 80% of software pirates in mature markets are "well-intentioned victims" of software piracy who are legally-inclined and will pay for software.

We were thrilled that he "jumped at the chance" to join our Advisory Board. Alex sees "V.i. Labs' approach as following in a very similar vein" to Microsoft's validation and notification programs and thinks "this type of approach can be helpful to software vendors and consumers and businesses that buy products from these vendors." Watch the video below to see what else Alex had to say about joining the Advisory Board:


We look forward to Alex's involvement in the Advisory Board and the wealth of experience and expertise he brings to the table!

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Michael Goff

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